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It’s Not Too Late to Say Thanks, Teach!

It' Not Too Late to Say Thanks, Teach!

Let’s all take a moment and give a thought to the unsung heroes of the end-of-year season: our wonderful teachers.

Whether they’re coaching your unruly kids through the last few weeks of soccer, grading their last exams, or helping them make glittery Christmas ornaments, their patience, kindness and ability to put up with our children shouldn’t be taken for granted.

If your child’s world just wouldn’t turn without their teacher, Christmas is the perfect time thank them for a wonderful year - here’s our guide to last-minute teacher gifts that’ll make them the envy of the staff room.

1. Personalised pencils to make end-of-year marking a breeze

Endless reports and essays can really take its toll on a teacher’s hand (not to mention their pencil) - so why not give them something functional, comfortable and beautiful to write with instead?

This Set of Five Engraved Wooden Teachers Christmas Pencils are the perfect, practical end-of-year gift.

Engraved with your teacher's name, the schooling year and your own special message, each of the pencils are FCS-certified wood and feature a natural finish. They’re sure to make the teacher smile every time they pick them up - even if the essay they’re marking is a ‘C’ at best.

And to make sure this all-important stationery never goes astray, you can present these personalised pencils in a 400ml Mason Jar Glass Mug with Teacher Engraved Gift Tag.

Made from premium glass, the mason jar is practical and fun, and can also be filled with sweets or used as a drinking glass – very useful for the festive season.


2. A personalised pressie for the all-important ‘wine o’clock’

Some days, It's probably a miracle that our teachers can keep it all together and send every kid home in one piece, so they deserve a glass (or three) of their favourite tipple to end the school year.

While your kids are enjoying their healthy post-school fruit and milk, our heroic teachers deserve a liquid snack that’s a little more fortifying – served from a personalised After School Snack 360ml Wine Glass Teacher's Gift or LIMITED EDITION Engraved Teacher 360ml Wine Glass.

Each one is made from premium European glass and can be professionally laser engraved with the teacher’s name and a cheeky message.   

Comfortably holding 360ml of precious liquid, this is a fun and functional gift that’s sure to be appreciated and enjoyed for many a school day to come.  

3. The perfect place to store a teacher’s special trinkets

Teachers get lots of special gifts from their little friends, so help them keep these treasures safe in one place with an Engraved Wooden Trinket Dish Teacher’s Gift.

Made from natural Acacia wood, this dish will suit the classroom, home or staff room, and is ideal for keeping special notes, gifts and rewards, as well as practical items like keys, loose change and stationery.

Personalise this gift for an extraordinary educator by custom-engraving it with the teacher’s name, your child’s name, and a ‘thank you’ message from the heart.  

4. A special coffee cup to get them through those last gruelling days of Term 4

Just like parents, teachers pretty much run on caffeine – so give them an environmentally-friendly and stylish way to do it with this Teacher's Gift Engraved Cork Band Reusable Glass Coffee Keep Cup.

You can customise this distinctive gift by professionally engraving an individual name, message or your own special message onto the heat resistant cork band.

The uber-chic 340mL reusable glass cup is the ideal substitute for paper coffee cups and comes with a secure push-on silicone lid in black or grey.  

Presented in a natural cardboard giftbox, this cup will give any caffeine-loving teacher the end-of-year hit they are looking for.

Find the perfect Christmas gift for the A+ teacher in your child’s life

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