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How to write the perfect wedding invitations

How to write the perfect wedding invitations

Invitations set the benchmark for your wedding and create the initial impression for your family, friends and loved ones about what to expect from your upcoming nuptials. Your invites set the tone for your main event, so here we share our top tips for getting it right with your wedding invites.

Write it right

There are a few key elements of content that need to be included in your wedding invites. These are:

  • The names of the bride and groom
  • The wedding date and timing
  • Location of the ceremony and reception
  • RSVP information

Apart from these essential elements, it is at the discretion of each individual couple whether you want to include additional information such as dress code, directions or other celebratory details.

What's in a name?

Some couples have questions about who to include and how the invites should be structured. Here's what to do if the following applies:

  • Both families are contributing financially: no matter who is paying the larger chunk, the bride's family should be mentioned first.
  • You want to include parents who have separated or split: You can include both separately e.g. Mrs Pam White and Mr Jack Black. Invites can still be written in this format if they have separated but still share the same surname e.g. Mrs Pam White and Mr Jack White.

You want to include step-parents on the invite: if there are a lot of names you wish to be included on the invite because you don't want to leave anyone out, sometimes it's simpler to use a phrase such as 'together with their families' - to avoid confusion.


Trending: Engraved Invites

The hottest trend in the world of wedding invitations right now is laser-engraving. Engraving allows you to customise your invites to feature individual guest names and create a personalised, professional piece that establishes your theme and style direction. Whether you're going for a rustic vibe with natural wooden invites, or a regal feel with polished acrylic pieces - engraved invites set the benchmark in wedding style and sophistication. 

In and out

  • For an added touch of formality and flair, include a personalised RSVP card and stamped, self-addressed envelope to give your guests the opportunity to respond the old-fashioned way.
  • It's not appropriate to include gift information on your wedding invites. If you're requesting guests contribute to a wishing well, honeymoon fund or want to include details of a gift registry - do so on a separate card.

Find your ideal wedding invites

Wedding invitations are a statement that set the tone for your entire celebrations and reflect the unique personality and panache of every individual couple. You can find beautiful, bespoke wedding invitations to suit every style, taste and budget at