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How to Survive your Daughter's Wedding

How to Survive your Daughter's Wedding

Planning a wedding is not an easy feat. There are so many things to consider and more often than not, it can be a stressful experience. As the Mother of the Bride, the best thing to do is to acknowledge how hard it can be planning a wedding and to be as helpful and supportive as possible.

Here are some helpful responsibilities Mums can take care of:

  • Help find & get quotes on ceremony locations
  • Help the bride choose her wedding dress
  • Assist the bride with the guest list.
  • Determine what the bride wants you to wear on the special day. Then consult with the mother of the groom so you can both coordinate your elegance.
  • Attend and help organise the bridal shower/hens night
  • Assist with preparing and organising wedding favours and gifts
  • Assist the bride to get ready on the big day. Bring some champagne and nibbles to the place where the girls are getting ready. I'm sure the mother of the bride will get her hair and makeup done with them too :)
  • Remind the bride how happy and beautiful she looks.
  • Let the Bride cry on your shoulder an any time, after all you're her mumma.

With all the excitement and planning, the mother of the bride needs to accept that the wedding will more than likely face a few bumps along the way and by appearing relaxed and in control of any issues, she will be a calming influence on the bride.

Rather than panic with the bride, the mother of the bride can assist in rectifying the problem or find an alternative solution. The best thing to do is to remain calm and stress free in front of the bride. That way problems that may arise, don't seem like it's the end of the world


At the end of the day it's not your wedding, it's your daughters. So during the times you feel like taking the reins, remember to not interfere and only offer suggestions and remind the bride how special she is and how the day will come together perfectly.

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By: Melissa Wilkinson
Melissa is the founder of Personalised Favours. She is commonly sought for comment on all things wedding related and has worked closely with thousands of couples to create invitations, gifts and wedding favours that are truly unique.