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How to include your fur babies in your wedding day

How to include your fur babies in your wedding day

For some couples, no nuptials would be complete without including their favourite four-legged, furry member of the family (and no, we're not talking about Aunt Edna -- think instead the one with the waggly tail). If your pampered pooch, feisty feline, or even precocious piglet is a must in your wedding day celebrations, we offer the following tips to make sure you don't go barking mad.

  1. Propose with your pooch

Some grooms say they included their furry friends in their proposal because they thought it would increase their chances of getting a positive response! They don't call them man's best friend for nothing. All jokes aside, if your furry sidekick helped your groom pop the all-important question, chances are this may reserve them a spot in your nuptial celebrations.

  1. Set your intentions with your invitations

If you plan to include your fur baby in your wedding celebrations, why not include them on your invitations? Personalised invites can be an ideal way to set your pet-intentions from the outset so guests know what to expect when the big day arrives.

  1. Pre-wedding professional grooming 

Just like other members of your wedding party, you want your fur babies to look their best for your special day. Make sure to book them in for a professional wash, cut and clip as close as you can to the wedding date so they can look (and smell) their best for the celebrations.

  1. Assign a puppy pal or kitty keeper

Nominating someone you trust to look after your fur baby throughout the celebrations is essential to ensure they are well cared for and remove stress for yourselves during the wedding. Ideally your fur baby friend would be familiar with the animal, can transport them safely to and from events, and come prepared with plenty of food, water and tasty treats.

  1. Choose a pet friendly venue and celebrant

Communication is key when involving furry friends in wedding celebrations. Make sure the venue you choose is happy to have animals onsite and openly communicate your plans for animal involvement with your celebrant, so there are no slobbering surprises on your special day!

  1. Accessorise safely

While dressing fur babies up in flower crowns, bow ties and bomber jackets is great fun for guests and makes for fantastic wedding photos, make sure not to overheat or irritate your pet and try to keep them comfortable. It's important to remember that many types of flowers and foliage can be toxic for certain pets, especially dogs, so do your research and accessorise safely.

  1. An unforgettable experience

    From wingman to ring bearer, loyal guard to photo star, if your four-legged friend is safe and comfortable, and your pet-intentions are clearly communicated, including your fur baby in your wedding celebrations can be an unforgettable experience.

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