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How to give the Best Wedding Speech

How to give the Best Wedding Speech

After a lengthy office discussion, we have decided speeches can be either funny or sentimental. We all know that even for the best of us, speeches aren't easy. Wedding speeches especially, take a lot of preparation and thought. You have been given the honour to say a few words at your best mate's wedding, it better be good.

To make sure your next speech is remembered and talked about for years to come (in a good way) We have complied a list of points to think about when preparing for a wedding speech. Therefore, in order to shed some light on the etiquette of speeches and give you some inspiration, here are Personalised Favours do's and don'ts, when making a Wedding speech.

Attention: Best Man, please stand up!

Lets start with the Best Man, after all, once he is out of the way everyone in the room is able to relax. Generally, it is the best man who's sets the bar and pulls out all the jokes. So if you're not that funny, breath a sigh of relief. The Best Man may possibly have that part covered.

1. Don't share any outrageous past misadventures.

Try to be careful when telling a story, as there are aunties, uncles and even grandparents listening to these tales. It may come across as disrespectful and horrifying if you begin to talk about drugs, sex and those ashamedly drunken nights (we've all been there) - nobody should hear those memories uttered in the same sentence on their wedding day.

2. Do choose your words carefully.

If you're telling a story make sure it comes back to the bride and groom. Its ok to include a story about your friendship, but don't focus on the groom too much. The audience wants to hear about the couple together - not just one half.

3. Don't forget to compliment the Bride and her bridesmaids!

They are looking damn hot and need a shout out!

4. Do finish with a toast to the new Mr & Mrs.

Thank them for a wonderful night and toast to many more exciting times of love and happiness ahead.


Ladies: Maid of Honour Step Right up!

The Maid of Honour generally has the duty of giving a speech that is cheeky and sweet. In my opinion, it is also nice time to thank the parents of the bride and groom for hosting the night.

1. Do start with you name, who you are and where you know or met the Bride.

It sounds boring, but there are many people in the room who may have never seen you before. It is great to give them a bit of context.

2. Don't be like: 

'Finally my girl has gotten married ' or 'its about time she found the one!' or even mention 'she was always the single one'. Just don't.

3. Do get a little sentimental.

Take the time to talk about the couple and why they are perfect for each other. you could list 3 main reasons why.

4. Jokes guys!

Don't use too many personal jokes, your audience wont understand what your talking about and will feel left out. It can also be a little frustrating and you wont get the laughs. Above all, remember to stick to what you're good at. If you do enjoy a bit of stand up comedy, give it a go. Either way, as long as you plan ahead,you will have a killer speech that will be from the heart.


And finally, DON'T forget to take a full glass up with you. After all, you'll look a bit silly if you have nothing to toast with! Here are our top toasting glasses.

By: Melissa Wilkinson
Melissa is the founder of Personalised Favours and has considerable experience in the wedding industry. She is commonly sought for comment on all things wedding related and has worked closely with thousands of couples to create invitations and wedding favours that are truly unique.