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How the holiday season can help (or hinder) your wedding planning

How the holiday season can help (or hinder) your wedding planning

When you are planning a wedding in the near to not-too-distant future, the holiday season can be either a help or a hindrance. For some of us, it offers the ideal opportunity to test-drive different family dynamics and crowd combinations before the main event. It can also provide a much-needed break away from your usual schedule to dedicate to planning your big day. But for others it can be a source of frustration - suppliers are busy or closed and it may prove a stumbling block to your wedding planning momentum.

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We examine how to use the holiday season to your advantage on your journey to the aisle.

Road testing crowd combinations

You don't get a lot of opportunities to get friends and family together before the big day, so holiday season family functions and social events are the perfect way to road test what works and what doesn't. If you're getting together with specific family members and friends who will be attending the wedding, observe who works well together in these social settings - and possibly who should be kept at arm's length. If Aunt Mary and Cousin Paul continually bicker and bring down the mood, consider sitting them on separate tables for your reception. And if some old and new acquaintances are getting on like a house-on-fire, team them up to enhance a positive atmosphere.

Event inspiration

You can also use holiday functions to gain inspiration and make overall observations about some of the key factors in hosting successful social events. Considerations to look out for include venue selection, catering, beverage service, décor ideas, music and entertainment.

By analysing what works well and what doesn't for organised holiday events, you can use this as research to stage the perfect nuptial celebrations.

Suppliers and stockists

See something you like at a holiday season event? Find out where it came from and save leg-work on sourcing suppliers and stockists for your big day. For those of us fortunate enough to get some time away from work over the holiday season, this presents an ideal opportunity to focus on knocking over a chunk of our wedding planning that we may not usually have the time or energy to do. Source quality wedding details online during the holidays to secure everything from invitations to bonbonnieres for your big day. 

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Take a break

For some of us, the holiday season may simply represent a well-earned rest from the exhausting and sometimes emotional experience of planning a wedding. You may choose to use this time as an opportunity to recharge and refresh, spend quality time with your partner, and celebrate with friends and loved ones. That way, you can face wedding planning with a fresh perspective and inspired ideas in the new year.

Happy holidays!

However you spend this holiday season, the team at Personalised Favours wishes you safe and happy celebrations and we look forward to continuing to support you on your wedding journey in 2018.