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2020 certainly proved a year like no other when it came to weddings, and with recent COVID-19 restrictions tightening again across Greater Sydney, so far we’re expecting weddings to continue to look very different again in 2021.

A move to more personalised, intimate celebrations is taking centre stage, with couples focusing on smaller details rather than large-scale affairs.

As we move into this brave new wedding era, we share with you some of the hottest wedding trends for 2021 that we predict will be around for a while yet!

1. Intimate, less formal weddings

Out of necessity the popularity of intimate, smaller weddings is growing, however this does offer advantages such as your celebrations being more bespoke and budget friendly.

With a carefully curated guest list you have more freedom to choose the venue, dress, decorations, and food you desire. With a small guest list you could even turn your wedding into a weekend-long experience and create personalised wedding favours for your bridesmaids and guests to treasure.

Small Intimate Wedding

2. Elope now, party later

For couples who dream of a larger wedding but are keen to say, ‘I do’ and don’t want to postpone their wedding date, there is the increasing trend of ‘elope now, party later’. This approach gives couples the freedom to get married on their own terms and then plan a celebration with family and friends at a later date.

Some major advantages of this trend are you can tailor your big day exactly how you and your partner desire, you don’t have to worry about the uncertainty of COVID-19 restrictions, and separating your ceremony and reception saves stress and means you will get to wear your dress twice!

For those who still want to share their wedding day with family and friends why not display photos or a video of your big day at your delayed reception. You could even print and frame some photos of your elopement and give them as gifts to close family or use them to create personalised invitations, for your celebrations to follow.

3. Eco Conscious Weddings

Many couples are trying to find ways to incorporate sustainability into their wedding planning by avoiding single use items and making eco-friendly choices. This can range from choosing an eco-conscious venue that has resource conserving and recycling programs, choosing locally sourced goods such as flowers and food, and turning something usually disposable such as name tags and other decorations into personalised keepsakes for guests.

Another option is to choose biodegradable decorations such as confetti, or to use potted plants or herbs as table decorations which will save money and can be enjoyed long after your big day.

Demand for sustainable fashion is also increasing, and there are many wedding dress options out there for the eco-conscious bride from eco bridal collections to luxury clothing rental services, where you can rent a designer dress for your big day for a fraction of the cost and then return it afterwards.

Wedding Favours

4. Non-traditional wedding dresses

COVID-19 has surely given the wedding industry a shakeup but the shift towards non-traditional and alternative style wedding dresses has only continued. Many celebrities such as Anne Hathaway, Reese Witherspoon and Keira Knightley broke away from the white dress, opting for shades of pink.

Besides not being bound to the colour white or traditional styles, many brides are choosing to ditch the dress altogether, with the wedding pantsuit becoming increasing popular. These days, anything goes and the important thing is wearing something you love that suits your own style.

Hottest Wedding Trends in 2021

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Wedding Trends 2021

P.S. Here’s the latest update on COVID-19 wedding restrictions in NSW:

As of today, Tuesday 5 January, in Greater Sydney, Central Coast and Wollongong areas a maximum of 100 people can attend a wedding and only the wedding party, up to maximum of 20 people, can take to the dancefloor.

For the rest of NSW, the one person per 2 metres square rule applies but the wedding organiser or venue must still complete a COVID-19 safety plan for your event and only the wedding party, to a maximum of 20 persons, is permitted on the dancefloor.

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