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6 Secrets of Great Corporate Gifting

6 Secrets of Great Corporate Gifting

A truly great corporate gift is one that leaves a lasting positive impression and genuinely reflects the brand or business it is representing.

Personalised Favours has a long history in creating unique and memorable corporate gifts designed to spark new business and strengthen existing relationships, helping your brand to be top of mind, every time.

Here we share with you the secrets to great corporate gifting that will help you be remembered, for all the right reasons.

1. Relevance

A successful corporate gift is relevant to its recipients needs and activities and represents an alignment with the brand or business it is representing. Choosing your corporate gift to match the desires of your audience will ensure it is always a winner.

For example, the bestselling round wooden cheese knife set is a favourite with real estate agents, property managers, hairdressers and beauty therapists, as it is reflective of the needs of their clients, not to mention the custom design looks sensational in a new home, rental property or salon.

2. Quality and Practicality

In sticking true to its company values, this year’s Personalised Favours Corporate Gift Collection features wow products only, which means all gifts are unique, high quality and practical for every recipient.

There is no point in giving a premium quality corporate gift that is going to end up gathering dust on a shelf or shoved in a company drawer somewhere!

Items such as an engraved metal water bottle with its own wooden lid showcases superior craftsmanship, durability and quality, and will be put to good use, every day.

Available in four fun colours, with the option for double sided engraving and custom design, this is one corporate gift that won’t let you down.

3. Customisation

The best corporate gifts help you stand out from the crowd and leave a lasting impression on any recipient.

Customising your gift with a special message, nickname or slogan directly aimed at the recipient will elevate the uniqueness of your gift and demonstrate the thoughtfulness of your gesture.

The engraved wooden gift boxed champagne glass set gives you the opportunity to customise both the presentation box and the glasses themselves and is a favourite for employee milestones and staff awards, as an extra personal way to recognise your most dedicated workers.  

4. Presentation

Like most things in life, presentation matters! And when it comes to corporate gifting, presentation is key. Take the wow factor to a whole new level with impressive and inspired presentation designed to enhance the entire gifting experience.

The twin wine glass gift box set is presented in a chic black gift box, with a clear facing window, so your custom engraving is immediately evident to each and every recipient.

Continue to elevate your corporate gifting presentation status with options including professional gift wrapping, handwritten cards featuring your own special message and direct to recipient delivery.

5. Longevity

We all know quality is key when selecting a successful corporate gift. But you also need to consider whether your gift will stand the test of time.

Fad gifts come and go, so instead of opting for the latest trend or disposable item, choose a corporate gift that has a lasting impact and can be used by its recipient for many years to come.

The engraved wooden gift boxed scotch glass and whiskey stone set is an example of corporate gifting that represents a long and strong business relationship that will definitely stand the test of time.

6. Ethical and Sustainable

In today’s business environment, it is especially important for companies and businesses to be giving corporate gifts that are both ethical and sustainable and show consideration for our planet.

The reusable cork band glass coffee keep cup is a thoughtful and practical corporate gift that will be loved by any recipient and is kind to our planet, representing your business values and commitment to responsible business practices.

Unique and personalised corporate gifts

So, there you have it. The six secrets of sensational corporate gifting. Whatever corporate gifts you select, remember that the most important aspect of a winning corporate gift is the thought behind it.

Showing genuine appreciation and recognising your recipient's values goes a long way in building and maintaining strong business relationships and making sure you always select the perfect corporate gift.

Make your mark and create an impression that lasts with unique and personalised corporate gifts from Personalised Favours.

Team PF. X

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