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Gifts that could ruin Christmas. What not to buy.

Gifts that could ruin Christmas. What not to buy.

With less than eight weeks until Christmas, we’ve officially entered ‘It's now acceptable to start putting up Christmas decorations’ and ‘It's time to get your online shopping orders in’ territory.

Before you start adding to cart, we’ve done some research so you don’t make the mistake of selecting a gift that could ruin Christmas.

We know It's difficult to come up with great Christmas gift ideas year after year, and we’re all guilty of finding something that works and sticking with it, or giving up altogether and going with a gift card.

While it is the thought that counts, if you’re looking to improve your Christmas gifting game, and give meaningful and practical presents that your loved ones will cherish, read on to find out what gifts NOT to buy this year and tips for finding the perfect present for your partner, friends, parents, and kids.

What not to buy your partner

Finding the perfect Christmas gift for your other half can feel like an impossible task.

You want to show how well you know them and understand their interests, but also surprise them with something they wouldn’t expect or have bought for themselves.

When shopping for your partner’s Christmas gift, avoid thoughtless, last-minute purchases, and if you’ll be exchanging gifts together with the rest of the family, make sure to wrap and gift any NSFW presents separately.

If you’re not sure where to start, put down the Sephora gift card or restaurant voucher and think of some great memories you have together. The most impactful partner gifts are carefully considered to suit their interests and celebrate your connection.

Don’t worry, we’ve done all the work for you. Here are our top picks for unique, meaningful, and personalised gifts sure to show your partner just how much you really ‘get them’ this Christmas:

1. Engraved stainless steel insulated wine travellers set
Perfect for your wine or picnic loving partner, this is an elegant, useful gift that will last a lifetime. Complete the gift with a bottle of their favourite drop or the promise of a picnic date and platter.

2. Photo printed adventure fund wooden money box
If your partner has a taste for adventure and is always planning your next trip, or you want to get out and about more now that restrictions are lifting in Australia, this personalised money box is sure to be a hit and help them hit their savings goal.

3. Engraved rustic wooden gift boxed decanter, scotch glasses and whiskey stone set
Get in the Christmas spirit and help create the home bar of your partner’s dreams, with this personalised decanter, whiskey glasses and stone set. What more could they want?

What not to buy your friends

Christmas isn’t just for kids. Friends who continue to exchange gifts and keep the Christmas magic alive should be treasured and deserve more than a re-gifted present, gift card or gag gift.

Don’t buy your friends low-quality, random gifts such as bowls from Kmart or a box of near- use-by-date chocolates. And, though gag gifts may be tempting when participating in Secret Santa or shopping for your witty friend, there’s other ways to add some humour to your present.

Earn the status of ‘gifting genius’ with ease, by opting for practical, high-quality gifts that suit your friends’ hobbies. For example, if your friend is inappropriate, sporty or picnic loving, see some great gifts you can personalise just for them below:

1. Engraved Inappropriate Welcome Door Mat
Create the welcome message of your witty friends’ dreams with this custom engraved door mat. Choose from options like ‘Knock first I’m naked’ and ‘About fucking time’ or come up with your own message entirely.

2. 650ml Metal Water Bottle with Wooden Lid
Perfect for that friend who’s always on the go, or forgets to drink enough water, this engraved water bottle is a simple but stylish gift that will become a quick favourite.

3. Engraved Round Cheese Set Christmas Gift
Your cheese or picnic loving friend is sure to app-brie-ciate this wooden cheese knife set, personalised to suit their unique tastes.

Engraved Round Cheese Set Christmas Gift

What not to buy your parents

Unless you’re an only child (lucky you), you know that Christmas gifts are a yearly competition for favourite child status, for which there can only be one winner.

One gift will be mentioned on the phone, to the neighbour over the fence, and to every visitor for months and the others will be forgotten. Well maybe It's not that dramatic, and we’re sure your parents appreciate every gift they receive, but still we’ve got your back this year.

Avoid generic or repetitive tick-the-box gifts like Bunnings gift cards, pyjamas or towels, and definitely don’t just re-gift them something you bought but don’t want. Choose a gift that shows them how much you appreciate them or that they will be able to use and enjoy.

Here’s our most popular heartfelt and practical parent present ideas to help you win Christmas this year:

1. Engraved Large White Luxury Jewellery Box
Spoil your mum with this deluxe, customised jewellery box she will absolutely adore.

2. Engraved Luxe Matte Finish Stainless Steel Insulated Travel Mug 590ml
A superb sipper for all occasions, this luxe travel mug, will make any beverage consumption feel like a holiday!

Engraved Luxe Matte Finish Stainless Steel Insulated Travel Mug 590ml

3. Engraved Wine Carafe with Twin Wine Glasses
For your wine-loving parents, add a bottle of their favourite drop to this custom wine carafe and glass set for sure success.

What not to buy your kids

Have your kids been naughty or nice this year? Either way, though it may be tempting, don’t gift them a lump of coal, or presents they will use for a short time but will ultimately be thrown away or forgotten.

While we don’t agree that ‘Christmas is just for the kids,’ they definitely bring the wonder and joy to the day and we’re going to help you choose a gift they will cherish for years to come.

Whether you’re celebrating your kid’s first or sixth Christmas, high-quality, meaningful gifts are the ones that will stand out and be treasured in the future.

Our best-selling custom options for kids of any age include:

1. Engraved Children's Cutlery 4 Piece Set
Made from quality stainless steel and featuring an embossed dionosaur design on each utensil, this set is specially made for little mouths, of course!

Engraved Children's Cutlery 4 Piece Set

2. Engraved Playtime Foldable Table with Draw
The creative playtime foldable table has an array of features that will excite and inspire your child to learn and play.

Engraved Playtime Foldable Table with Draw

3. Wooden Photo Memory Game with Personalised Gift Bag
A fun activity and sentimental keepsake all-in-one, this personalised memory game makes a unique gift every child will enjoy and cherish. 

For more unique, meaningful, and practical personalised Christmas gifts head to Personalised Favours.

Team PF. X

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