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From Catwalk to Ceremony: The Hottest Bridal Trends from International Fashion Week

From Catwalk to Ceremony: The Hottest Bridal Trends from International Fashion Week

As International Fashion Week (IFW) propels around the globe from New York to Milan, London to Paris, we have followed in close pursuit to gauge the latest and greatest looks for brides in 2019. Here we bring you some of the highlights.

Meghan Markle-inspired

Echoing the sentiments of Bridal Fashion Week, which took place in New York in October last year, many of the looks at IFW are inspired by the ethereal beauty and timeless style of the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle. Dubbed the style highlight of the year by fashionistas and bridal watchers the world over, her wedding to Prince Harry placed a renewed focus on letting simplicity and natural beauty shine through. 

Nuptial Necklines

Unsurprisingly, following the royal nuptials boat-shaped necklines (also known as Bateau necklines) are back in a big way, with designers attempting to emulate the clean lines and subtle detail of the Duchess's Givenchy wedding gown. Sleeveless gowns with high necklines are also a top trend to follow for brides in 2019 and beyond - or for those who prefer some more coverage, statement sleeves are living up to their reputation and tipped to be making statements at weddings from the second half of the year.


No longer does white, ivory or cream dominate the bridal fashion landscape. Coloured bridal gowns are echoing the styles showcased on the runways of all International Fashion Week events with loud, bold colour saturation a particularly on-trend theme. Bridal gowns in pastel shades of blue, pink and even lime are reinforcing a nod to the focus on colour and flair highlighted on the global stage. And let's not forget our bridesmaids! Bold colour choices - either in blocks for all members of your bridal party or a mix and match approach - is leading the way in bridal party fashion. Hot tip: Florals and polka dots might also be making an appearance in bridal party couture in the coming season.

Netting, Bold Shoulders and Daring to Bare

Several niche looks we expect to find their way onto the bridal scene in 2019 are netting, bold shoulders and midriffs - say what?! Yep, netting for dresses, hats, veils and details was très popular with the Fashion Week crowds, and we predict bold shoulders - be it in pant suits, bridal gowns or bridesmaid chic, to be a leading wedding look this season. Most surprisingly to some of us, midriff wedding dresses are catching on at an alarming rate, so for those brides who dare to bare, 2019 may be the perfect time to do it !

Trends to Avoid

There are a few trends witnessed at International Fashion Week events we are hoping don't make their way onto the wedding stage anytime soon. Washed-out denim and bike pants seemed to be a favourite at IFW events everywhere this season. And while we wholeheartedly embrace these looks for the everyday, a bike pant-wearing bride is not something any of us wants to see anytime soon!

Inspiration from Runway to Reality

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