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Forecasted wedding trends for 2017

Forecasted wedding trends for 2017

Wedding trends are like flowers. They grow, bloom and die out every season. Some return the next year with a fuller crop, while others only maintain a scattering of blooms. We look at which blossoms are expected to reappear in 2017 and those that may have had their day in the sun.


Metallics are still tipped to be the front-runners for wedding colour palettes in 2017. However popular opinion is moving away from the glittering golds and sparkling silvers to softer, more muted metallic tones. Experts are also tipping khaki to make a comeback in wedding colour schemes in the new year. 


Continuing with the metallic trend, couples due to tie-the-knot will be setting the scene with mirror invites and save the dates are still in vogue as a popular way for couples to alert friends and family about wedding day plans, especially if they're planning a destination celebration.

Wedding dresses

Trends to come out of 2017 Bridal Fashion Week include plenty of plunging necklines, off-the-shoulder couture and a bevvy of larger-than-life, ballet-inspired bows. If you're planning a winter wedding, you'll be pleased to know jackets will be all the rage, with a smorgasbord of boleros to bomber jackets to choose from.


First Looks is a phenomenon increasing in popularity and it seems it's here to stay in 2017. It involves allowing the bride and groom to see each other in a more intimate setting before walking down the aisle, with no one but themselves and a photographer present, and makes for some amazing and intimate wedding shots.


Gone are the days of the boring wedding dishes. The old 'chicken or beef' standby just doesn't cut it anymore. Think outside of the food box in 2017, with sumptuous, banquet-style fare that guests can serve themselves. Pop-up food stalls, carnival-inspired sustenance and farm-to-table, locally sourced foodstuffs are high on the 2017 must-have list.

Favours Multi-purpose wedding favours continue to score highly with couples. Using your wedding favours to double as a place setting or guest marker is good for your wedding budget and offers guests a personalised piece of your celebrations.


No matter what trends you follow for your wedding celebrations, one thing you don't want to lose sight of is the importance of staying connected to your new spouse throughout the festivities. Weddings can be hectic, overwhelming and busy, and it's important to make the time to talk to and share these moments together, as they are the foundation for a lifetime of memories to follow.

On trend

That's the wrap on what's hot and what's not in the world of weddings in 2017. Now you've got the scoop, find everything you need to make your big day on trend at