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Fancy a festive season wedding? Read this first.

Fancy a festive season wedding? Read this first.

So, you've decided to host your wedding in the holiday season? While the halls are decked with boughs of holly and Santa begins appearing in the stores, you're shopping for bridesmaid dresses and attempting to book catering staff at Christmas time. Was it momentary madness that led you to book your wedding date during arguably the most hectic time on the social calendar? Or in fact a stroke of genius that allowed you to capitalise on Christmas cheer for your nuptial celebrations?


We examine the pros and cons of hosting a wedding during the holiday season to find out.

Pros of hosting a festive season wedding: More time for prepping and partying

For couples who enjoy extra time away from the office at Christmas, getting married in the holiday season offers additional time off work for preparing in the leadup, as well as the all-important honeymoon after the main event.

You can team with the theme

Holiday season weddings allow you to take advantage of festive food and foliage, and incorporate these into your nuptial celebrations. Interweaving Christmas-themed details into your wedding will set a mood of fun and festivity and help give your wedding a distinctive edge.

Your family will already be together 

If you regularly see your families during the holiday season, holding your wedding celebrations during this time gives them one more reason to celebrate. Couples who choose to marry during the festive season often say convenience for their nearest and dearest was a factor in their decision making, as their family usually comes together during this time.

'Tis the season to be jolly

Getting married in the festive season allows you to capitalise on the Christmas cheer and ride the wave of seasonal goodwill right down the aisle. For many, the holiday season marks a time of happiness and hope for the future - what better way to begin married life?

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Cons of hosting a festive season wedding: Higher costs

Due to the demand on the hospitality industry during the festive season, many costs associated with your big day can sky-rocket. This includes venues, catering, photographers and any other industries that may be flat-out during holiday time. Try and counteract this by booking well in advance or considering innovative options including brunches or weekday weddings.

Venue availability

Just like increased prices, venue availability is another holiday season issue you may need to navigate when hosting a wedding in the festive season. Popular venues are likely to be fully booked, so you may want to consider hosting your wedding at home or at an unconventional location.

Reduced guest attendance rates

There is no denying: holiday season is hectic. Be prepared for more of your guests to decline the invitation than the average RSVP rate. Your friends have Christmas commitments with their own families and for people who work in industries including hospitality and retail, Christmas is the busiest time of year. Increase your attendance by giving people plenty of notice and be understanding of those who simply can't make it.

You will always have to share your anniversary

Just remember that holding your wedding on or near a holiday means that every year, for the rest of your married lives, you are likely to be surrounded by friends and family, leaving little opportunity for romantic getaways or couple-only celebrations. If this is no cause for concern, go ahead and book that holiday wedding celebration and look forward to the fun and frivolity a festive season wedding can bring.

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