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Extreme weddings: how to survive extreme weather on your wedding day

Extreme weddings: how to survive extreme weather on your wedding day

No matter where you are in the world, February will most likely see you experiencing extreme weather conditions. In the northern hemisphere, you may be battling blizzards or avoiding artic air blasts. Down under it's a different story, with heat so hot it can melt even the coolest of facades. For all of you extremists planning to marry in the coming month, we share our expert tips on how to keep it cosy or beat the heat and survive extreme weather on your wedding day.

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Summer shockwaves - playing it cool

If your ideal beach wedding isn't exactly going according to plan due to exceedingly high temperatures forecast, don't panic: help is at hand. Save guests from burning their toes on the lava-like sand, with a pair of personalised wedding thongs that can double as a fun wedding favour and classic individual keepsake. If you're planning a trip down a sandy aisle, you and your betrothed may want some too! Another hot tip is having a bunch of hand-held fans to hand out to guests upon arrival. You can make it personal with an engraved wooden wedding fan for every guest to take home. This also works as a great bridesmaids' gift or MOB memento.

Keep your drinks cold

Rule No. 1 at an extreme summer wedding: keep the drinks cold. There's nothing worse than a warm beer on a hot day. You can avoid this wedding disaster with customised wedding stubby holders designed to feature individual details of your big day. It's also more important than ever to keep your guests hydrated as they dehydrate at a summer wedding scorcher, so make sure there is just as much water flowing as beer. Ice tubs filled with water bottles is always a winner.

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Warm weather wedding couture

Keep grooms and their best men cool at summer weddings in light, breathable fabrics such as linen (so on trend!) and cotton. Consider ditching some of the traditional layers for a more casual look and a more comfortable bridal party. Too much sweat is not that sexy after all. For brides the options are endless, but just beware that if you're getting married outdoors at the hottest time of the year, you'll need to cover up or apply your SPF 50+. Sunburnt wedding photos are something nobody wants to see in their wedding album in years to come. 

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Extreme wedding weather survival plan

Extreme weather conditions can impact even the best-laid wedding plans, so it's important to always have a Plan B. We've attended weddings where the bride has been snowed in and unable to reach her 100+ expectant guests and another where the outdoor wedding venue has been inaccessible at the eleventh hour due to high fire danger in the midst of a heatwave. Our point is: if you're planning a wedding when there is a high chance of extreme weather, make sure you are prepared for any possibility. Find all the details to survive extreme weather at every wedding at