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Everything you need to know about wedding cakes

Considered by many to be the centrepiece of your wedding celebrations, wedding cakes today are big business. Whether it be fondant or frosting, rich chocolate or red velvet, tiered, stacked, layered or ruffled, we clue you in to everything need to know about wedding cakes in 2016. 


Originally baked as a symbol of success and prosperity for the happy couple, wedding cakes have been involved in the union between two souls from the earliest of days. Traditionally, it was said that the larger and grander the cake, the more elevated the social status of the couple (so remember this when you place your order for the 14-tier fondant deluxe!) The white colour of the cake was supposed to symbolise the purity and virginity of the bride, and the traditional fruit-cake flavour was said to enhance the bride's fertility for her future husband.



How something coated in butter cream frosting can completely blow out the wedding budget is a source of shock for many bride and grooms-to-be. (Actually, butter cream frosting is typically a cheaper option than fondant, but you get our point). Wedding cake is usually priced by the slice, so how many guests you are feeding will play a role in determining how much your wedding cake will cost. And as a general rule of icing-sugar-covered thumb, the more complex your cake, the more you will pay.

Complicated, intricate designs and demands will undoubtedly take more time and therefore be charged at a higher premium. While there are many variables, for a simple two-tiered wedding cake that feeds 100 people, you are generally looking at around $400-$600. Factors you will need to consider include; whether you are providing dessert in addition to the wedding cake (in this case, think smaller and potentially less pricey), does your venue charge 'cake-age' and do you need to serve full or half slices to your guests? (Another cost-saving option).



So what are the most popular wedding cake options in 2016? The truth is these days just about anything goes. Couples are becoming more and more adventurous in finding ways to create original and imaginative wedding cakes that are representative of their own individual style, personality and preferences. Some on-trend options include; metallic detail, naked cakes where you can see the filling from the inside-out, painted and illustrated finishes, several smaller mini-cakes as a set (think twins, triplets, quadruplets or quintuplets) or monogrammed for the completely personal touch.



In the flavour department, couples are moving away from the traditional fruit-cake with fondant icing combination to mouth-watering morsels including; red velvet, rich chocolate mud and raspberry and white chocolate combinations. Vanilla and butter cream cakes are always a winner due to their widespread appeal and for lighter, fruitier choices think lemon, coconut or carrot.


Wedding cake - a case of personal taste

So once you've selected the cake of your dreams, one that teams with your theme and doesn't blow your wedding budget, find every other detail to make your big day perfect at:

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