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Everything a bride should know before her big day

Everything a bride should know before her big day

We all know about the usual stuff that comes with planning a wedding. Book the venue, draw up a budget, compile your guest list and send out your save-the-dates. Not to mention organising flowers, food, entertainment and well, you get the picture. But what about a few home truths that aren't featured on the standard bridal checklist? We explore some of the lesser known facts every bride should know before her big day.

Try before you buy

And we're not talking about your groom! Make sure you taste test every morsel of food and drink that will be served on your wedding day. This way you know it's up to scratch and gives you a chance to enjoy it all - as you may not get to do so on the night.

Practice makes perfect

Just like your hair and makeup trial, there are a few elements of your big day you may want to run-through before the moment arrives. Decide with whoever is giving you away which side they will stand and how you will link arms. Similarly, do a few run-throughs of your first kiss as a married couple, we're sure this is one element of the wedding planning your husband-to-be won't mind!

Have a back-up plan 

No wedding has ever gone 100 per cent according to plan. Organise your big-ticket items for the event, and then devise a Plan B that will get you through in the case of: extreme weather, flat tyres, unreliable bridal party members, hair and makeup disasters, and other emergency scenarios.

Talk about any fears or worries before the big day

It's normal to feel nervous about entering this next phase of your life. Chances are, your partner probably feels the same way. Pre-wedding anxiety is a common emotion experienced by almost every person before they take a trip down the aisle. Voice your fears and concerns with your partner or someone you trust. This will help you decipher whether it's just pre-wedding jitters or something you need to explore further before making a commitment.

Shine from the inside-out

Much of a bride's physical pre-wedding preparation is focused around achieving an ideal weight for the wedding dress. More importantly, you should be focusing on eating foods rich in Vitamin B and Omega 3 such as eggs, fish and nuts, as these will make your hair, skin and nails shine from the inside-out.

Spend time with your partner

Weddings can be all consuming. Before you become lost in a haze of dress and décor decisions - remember the reason all of this is happening in the first place. Make time for each other that doesn't revolve around planning and wedding politics. Fall in love all over again in the lead-up to what should be the happiest day of your lives.

Secrets of wedding success

Now you're in on the secrets every bride should know before her big day, find every detail you need to make your celebration sensational at