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Engagement Party Inspiration

Engagement Party Inspiration

When you're still bubbling over with excitement like a freshly popped champagne bottle at your newly engaged status, friends and well-wishers may begin to enquire if you're planning an engagement celebration. This is no cause for alarm. Before you launch into full swing Bridezilla panic mode (save this for the wedding), we have a few tips and tricks that will help you host a successful engagement soireé.

The ideal time

The ideal time to host an engagement party is shortly after you've said yes - when the excitement is still fresh and you are just bursting to show off that diamond dazzler strapped to your digits. As a general rule of thumb, engagement parties shouldn't be any closer to the wedding than six months out.


The guest list

The guest list for your engagement party will depend on the type of event you're planning to hold. For a more formal affair, where invitees are expected to frock up and fork out, it is good manners to then invite these attendees to the wedding itself. Couples planning an intimate or destination wedding may choose to throw a larger-than-life, more relaxed engagement celebration, so they have the opportunity to celebrate their impending nuptials with all of their extended family and friends.


The invites

Again, the nature and timing of your celebration will determine the type of invites you send out. For a more relaxed affair that might be happening in a hurry (you just can't wait to share your joy and happiness with your nearest and dearest), sending invites via email is perfectly acceptable. For more formal events with a longer lead-time, you may wish to send invites the old-fashioned way. In this case, you might like to think about your overall wedding plan and tie your engagement party invites into this theme.

For something a little different, we love these magnetic invitations. Funky and functional, you can personalise them with any theme and details you choose.


The dress code

As the bride and groom-to-be, you will set the standard for your guests. Many  almost-brides choose to wear white lace, a cream dress, an ivory ensemble or something similar to convey their soon-to-be-married status.


Styling for success

Your engagement party should be an authentic reflection of yourselves as a couple, and perhaps a suggestion of things to come at your wedding. Some people choose a colour theme and run this right through all of their marriage celebrations. Others opt for theming their engagement event around their proposal; be it natural, nautical or just plain naughty. Whatever theme you choose for your event, small details and personal touches can help to make it truly yours. Some of our favourite styling ideas include:

Engagement Party Perfection

Now you know the basics of planning a winning engagement party, find every detail to maximise the success of your event at