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Doin’ it for the Kids - Top 5 Tips and Gift Ideas for New Bubs (and New Parents!)

Doin’ it for the Kids - Top 5 Tips and Gift Ideas for New Bubs (and New Parents!)

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Milestone birthdays, christenings, naming ceremonies and baby showers – life with a new bundle of joy is full of celebration, but finding unique presents for each big event can be tricky.

Our advice? Forget the bibs, blankets and onesies they’ll grow out of in a heartbeat and stick to personalised gifts that are infused with love, wisdom and special meaning.

Life with a new baby can be exciting, overwhelming, infuriating and breathtaking – often all at once – and sometimes It's easy to forget to stop and smell the roses (or your newborn’s head).

If you know a set of parents who are welcoming a new baby into their family, our top 5 tips and gift ideas with make those first few years even memorable.

engraved kids cutlery set

Tip 1: Get them a gift to use beyond the newborn days

Every new baby will receive gifts that are perfectly suited for those first early years. But as anyone with kids knows, the days are long, but the months and years are short.

In the blink of an eye, that crying, colicky baby will be crawling, toddling, running and sprinting their way through life’s many big moments, so help new parents keep an eye on the future with a gift they’ll use in years to come.

When a bub starts eating solids, It's a really momentous occasion, and any parent will love to pull out something special to commemorate the time.

This Engraved Silver Bear Children's Cutlery 4-Piece Set is an ideal present for to commemorate a birth, birthday, christening, Christmas, or anything in between.

Each set has a knife, fork, spoon and teaspoon, and come embossed with a teddy bear and engraved with the child’s name.

Parents will love to display it proudly for the first few months, and when the first day of puree comes, they can take this special, personalised set for a whirl. Another milestone achieved!  

 baby block custom

Tip 2: Help them remember those all-important facts and figures

As much as you might think it impossible prior to having kids, once you’ve had two or three, it can be easy to mix up everybody’s birth weights and lengths… not to mention the time of day each little cherub came into the world.

Take the hard work off a new parent’s ‘baby brain’ with this Engraved Wooden Keepsake Baby Block. It makes a beautiful embellishment to a new baby’s nursery - and as It's made from light wood, it fits in with any décor - and is a stylish way to showcase those special birth details.

The professionally crafted block comes engraved on all six sides, and includes the baby's name, birth weight, size, birthday, arrival time and a special message or words of wisdom from you.  

wooden laser cut name plaque

Tip 3: Gift them nursery décor that will last beyond the baby years  

It can be so tempting to fill a new baby’s room with ‘baby-ish’ things: think all-white, fluffy toys, brightly coloured mobiles, and giant cloud-filled wall decals.

And while they’ll look fabulous for the first few years of baby’s life, there’ll come a time when each newly-independent little prince or princess will want their castle to reflect their ‘big boy’ or ‘big girl’ personality.

A gift like this Laser Cut Wooden Name Plaque Sign will never go out of style. From a newborn’s cot to a teenager’s retreat, this plaque will have a lifespan well beyond babyhood, and It's sure to last the distance.

Professionally laser cut with the child’s name, the plaque is made from an elegant cherry wood and comes with a white ribbon, so It's easy to hang for display.  

photo printed wooden keepsake box

Tip 4: Create a special place for lasting memories  

When you have a new baby, you save everything, including the little wristband from the hospital, their first wisps of hair and their first pair of socks.

But as the years go on, it can be easy to lose track of these little mementos. So, help a couple of new parents out and get them a Photo Printed Family Keepsake Box for all these valuable memories.

It's is perfect for storing photos, birth certificates and other baby memorabilia to mark every childhood milestone and is crafted from natural Australian Pine.

This quality piece also features a frosted acrylic sliding lid and can be personalised with a family photo of your choice.

baby milestone cards

Tip 5: Help them get the most out of every milestone

As a first-time parent, every day can feel like a new challenge, and sometimes it’ll leave you feeling pretty out of your depth.

One way to encourage a new parent and show them how much they’re achieving (and how far they’ve come!) is with a set of Printed Bamboo Milestone Age Cards.

These cards come professionally printed onto premium 2.5mm bamboo and are presented in a natural calico drawstring bag for safe keeping.

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