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Dads & Daughters: Wedding Etiquette

Dads & Daughters: Wedding Etiquette

When dad finds out that his daughter is getting hitched, It's a range of emotions. Think Steve Martin in ‘Father of the Bride’. Whether it was a surprise engagement, or a long time coming, It's an exciting time for everyone.

From a big traditional event to a small beachside ceremony, a wedding is an important rite of passage for the bride, groom and both their families. One special relationship that takes a giant step into the next chapter is the father and daughter relationship – daddy’s little girl is getting married.

With all that goes on when planning a wedding, there are some traditions that are close to the heart. We’ve put together a list of dads and daughters wedding etiquette, so this special bond can still be cherished from this day forward.

Pre wedding planning

Whether dad taps the credit card and lets the planning take place, or he’s there helping to pick the flowers, he might want to jot some notes down to keep track of key dates, wedding expenditure, florist suppliers or memories that pop up for his speech. An engraved cork notebook is an ideal gift for a dad in planning mode. These notebooks can also be personalised with a special message.

First look with dad

If you’re a traditionalist at heart and want to keep the dress reveal a surprise, a father daughter first look is an ideal alternative and makes a wonderful memory for you and your dad. You can even make the memory permanent with a wedding acrylic photo print with wooden base and gift it to dad after the big day.

Dad and daughter in transit

The dress is on, the glam squad have  done a wonderful job and It's time to get to the alter. This small but very special window of time is ideal for a father and daughter to spend together before dad gives the bride away. The journey to the alter starts where the bride leaves her quarters, so dad should be there too. Whether you’re in a limousine or dad’s work van, a classic engraved wooden keyring is a great way for dad to cherish that special journey with his daughter.

Here comes the bride

He’s pictured this day just as many times as his daughter, so walking his little girl down the aisle to her future partner is a big deal and a moment he’ll never forget. All the planning, credit cards and meetings with florists have come down to this moment. Dad might feel a little vulnerable on the day, so making him feel special and part of this moment with an engraved wooden bridal party badge is a gesture to be remembered. After the big day, why not surprise dad with a photo of father and daughter walking down the aisle in a printed acrylic plaque? Customised with your own wording, this is a wonderful Father’s Day, birthday or Christmas present for the father of the bride.

Time to toast

The emotional part is done and It's time to relax, have a drink and toast the newly wedded couple as two families are now joined. It's expected that the father of the bride makes a speech, especially if he’s played a big role in your life and organising the wedding. Dad has spent the last few decades storing memories of his little girl and now wants to share them all when the microphone comes his way. This speech will likely include a welcome to the function, a section for the daughter, a section for the son-in-law, some parting wisdom and a toast. Help him toast the new couple with his own engraved wedding champagne glass or if he’s a spirit drinker, his own customised wedding scotch glass.

Hit the dancefloor

The father/daughter dance is considered in some families as a poignant moment of a wedding. If you’re planning on a father/daughter dance at your wedding, be sure to choose a song together and practice with your dad (it may have been a while since he was last on a dancefloor). An engraved mini hip flask keyring for dad could be good to call upon for a little Dutch courage.

Stay true to dad’s and daughter’s wedding etiquette with personalised gifts.

Whilst It's all about the bride on the wedding day, the father of the bride also plays a special and emotional role. Unlike ‘Father of the Bride’, not all of us can have the trusty Franck Eggelhoffer plan the big day. Personalised Favours can help keep father and daughter etiquette at the forefront of your wedding. From the details on the wedding invitations, to who gets the first entry in the engraved wedding guest book, you can stay organised and in line with tradition.

Wishing you all the best for your wedding! Team PF. X