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Create the perfect love nest: insider tips for newlyweds

Create the perfect love nest: insider tips for newlyweds

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You’re married! You’ve tied the knot, celebrated your special day and been hungover on your honeymoon. Now It's time to return home to married life. But the secret to a happy marriage doesn’t end with your wedding day. Here we share with you insider tips for newlyweds on how to create the perfect love nest and keep that ‘just married’ spark alive for all eternity.

Keep the spark alive: 7 insider tips for newlyweds

1. Keep up the effort

The secret to maintaining a happy and healthy marriage is keeping up the effort. This doesn’t mean you won’t disagree, or at times take your partner for granted, but putting in the effort to make them feel special and celebrate the good times goes a long way.

Surprise your spouse by setting the dinner table for a romantic meal for a special occasion or ‘just because’ and include intimate touches such as Engraved Gift Boxed Crystal Champagne Glasses, where you can have your own special message professionally inscribed to show your spouse just how much they mean to you.

2. Maintain your identity

Being part of a couple doesn’t mean you have to lose yourself. Maintain your own identity by pursuing separate interests, hobbies or careers – as well as finding common ground.

Keep things fresh and give yourselves something to talk about when you come home by being your own person, no matter how loved-up you are. Head out for a night with the girls and indulge in some ‘group therapy’ with your very own Group Therapy Wooden Champagne Butler Set with Complimentary Glasses and really let your hair down!

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3. Don’t expect the world

Many newlyweds (brides especially) suffer from Post-Wedding Come Down Syndrome (PWCDS). Ok, so this might not be actually scientifically proven as yet, but our anecdotal evidence of speaking with countless brides around the country prove this is a common phenomenon.

After the hype and hysteria of your wedding, return to normal life can feel, a bit, well, normal. Make the everyday seem special with cute and cuddly customised gifts like a His n Her Embroidered Bathrobe Set: snuggles are mandatory!

4. Celebrate your wins together

Whether It's a promotion at work, saving for your dream home or even a victory for one of you on the sporting field, make sure you celebrate one another’s successes and don’t harbor resentment if sacrifices need to be made to realise these achievements.

Surprise your other half with an Engraved Trophy Glass in honour of their achievement – they will be touched by the sentiment of this personal and practical gift.

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5. Make the most of the milestones

A lifetime of milestones is the glue that binds many marriages together. Birthdays, anniversaries or the birth of your children are milestones in a marriage that need to be celebrated and recognised as the awesome achievement that they are.

Make your milestones memorable with a Love Family Engraved Wooden Photo Frame to capture your special memories.

6. For better or for worse…

Remember those fateful words you uttered with every good intention during your nuptial ceremony? Keep the promises you made to one another, even when the going gets tough. Take turns to support one another during the struggles and try and tackle problems with a shared resolution in mind. Making it through the tough times only makes your bond stronger.

Reward one another for making it through, with fun and functional gifts like the Engraved Parenting Survival Glassware Set, for when you both need a ‘pick me up.’

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7. Go the extra mile

Create a space of trust, comfort and love for you both to enjoy within your home and your hearts. As you know, it takes two to tango but going the extra mile for one another will help keep your love alive and preserve that newlywed spark, long after you’ve said “I Do!” 

Spoil your spouse by going the extra mile with personal and heartfelt gifts to express your love. The 30 Reasons Why I Love You Mason Jar with Wooden Hearts is a real winner and will earn you definite brownie points!

Create the perfect love nest

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