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Corporate Gifts with WOW Factor

Corporate Gifts with WOW Factor

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It's hard to cut-through in the market these days. Online. Social. Digital. SEO. The list is endless and overwhelming. Sometimes, the best way to make a big impression is the old-fashioned way – by giving corporate gifts with WOW factor.

With the end of the financial year upon us, we share with you how to invest your end-of-year budget into customised corporate gifts and personalised promotional products that are destined to leave a lasting impression.

Corporate gifts that stand out from the crowd:

1. Corporate gifts for him

When wowing the guys in your corporate world – whether they be bosses, colleagues, co-workers, clients or potential customers – the secret is to think practical, with a personalised touch.

Most men don’t appreciate gifts that don’t serve a purpose, so keep things simple yet effective, with custom-designed corporate gifts made specially to suit their individual personality.

Toast to success with an Engraved Corporate 500mL Beer Mug or cheers to a deal well done with an Engraved Corporate Scotch Glass for good measure.

Crafted from premium European glassware to ensure a flawlessly engraved finish, choose your own individual names, message, details, artwork and design to create an original corporate gift he will definitely remember.

2. Corporate gifts for her

Many of us girls appreciate the finer things in life. Thoughtful gestures and sincere sentiments go a long way to helping us form positive connections -- both in our working worlds and personal lives.

When it comes to corporate gifting, the personal touches are appreciated. Expertly inscribe her name, title or an individual message on an Engraved Corporate Champagne Glass to create a meaningful corporate memento she will really appreciate.

Or combine a bottle of her favourite wine, together with a custom-designed Engraved Wine Glass to cement the foundations of a strong business relationship.

corporate wine glass

3. Promotional products to get remembered

In the case of an end of financial year mass gift giving frenzy, you want to make sure the promotional products you choose are going to get you the best possible Return on Investment (ROI).

Selecting quality, customised products with WOW factor can be a tricky business, so you’ll need to enlist the help of the professionals.

Engraved Corporate Glass Coasters provide a chic and timeless promotional item businesses can’t ignore. Professionally branded with your company name, logo or a catchy slogan, these custom coasters make a stylish and practical addition to any office décor. Similarly, an Engraved Corporate Designer Pen is the perfect promotional tool and makes an ideal piece for company events, galas, employment milestones, new clients, awards or employee birthdays.

4. Extra special corporate pieces

There are times in your professional life when you need to go the extra mile. Pull out the big guns. Leave no stone unturned. Whether it be sealing that huge deal or landing your dream client account, make it count with a corporate gift with wow factor worthy of the occasion.

When pulling out all the stops, professional, polished and personalised is the way to go. An Engraved Wooden Wine Corporate Gift Box Set is destined to impress any lucky recipient. Crafted from quality rosewood hardwood, this superior corporate offering can be customised with individual or company names, personalised artwork and design, and expert engraving.

An Engraved Deluxe Corporate Whiskey Decanter also represents a favourable option when going the extra mile. This is one extra special corporate piece it is certainly hard to ignore.

engraved corporate decanter

5. Extraordinary corporate gifts for everyday

Whether you’re celebrating a company milestone, cementing a new business relationship or expressing your gratitude, make it count with a custom-designed corporate gift with heart.

Items such as an Engraved Wooden Cheese Corporate Paddle Board are a quality corporate gift fashioned to feature any company logo, corporate branding or individual message and can be used time and again, as an ideal way to WOW anyone in your business world and beyond!

Customised Products for Every Occasion 

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