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Christmas Gift Shopping: This Year, Make it Personal

Christmas Gift Shopping: This Year, Make it Personal

Can you believe that some people already have their Christmas shopping all wrapped up by this time of year? If you’re one of those highly organised souls, we truly applaud you – but if you’re yet to write a gift list let alone make a purchase, or if your mind is still stuck somewhere around Easter, never fear… personalised, easy-to-gift presents are here.

If the idea of shopping trolleys, endless queues and battles for the last car park has you quaking in your Santa boots, don’t worry. When it comes to Christmas gift shopping, It's time to make it personal, and there’s no easier way to get it done than with the Personalised Favours website. It's a one-stop-shop to get all your present shopping done, with plenty of time left over for a pre-Christmas Champers (or three). Here, we break down the top five reasons to keep it personal while shopping online this festive season.

1. No carpark? No problem. Who amongst us looks forward to a trip to the local shopping centre at this time of year? Online shopping with Personalised Favours is the safer Christmas shopping option: while still offering gifts worth giving, it guarantees you no angry altercations as someone steals your third car park, no trolley rage as someone rams you in the mall aisle, and no over-worked, exhausted salespeople forced to listen to Michael Bublé’s festive favourites on repeat. When you’ve got a list of gifts to face, you want all your options in one place, and on the Personalised Favours website, you can sort each product by recipient, product name or price – try doing that at your loca l Westfield. This way, you’ll easily find a gift to suit every person and every budget on your nice-and-naughty list. Tick, tick, tick.

2. It's the perfect time to set sale If you’ve ever had to go from store to store to compare prices, you’ll know that the convenience of on online sale is worth its weight in gold. Thanks to Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you can get some of the best deals of the year, and they’re held right in the lead-up to Christmas… so keep your eyes peeled for a deal. Here at Personalised Favours, we’re offering a whopping 20% off Home and Barware and 20% off Wedding Stationery and Accessories. This is the perfect opportunity to grab Christmas gifts, as well as designer homewares and wedding goodies for the 2020 season, so put it in your calendar now: the sale starts on Friday 29 November, and ends at midnight on Monday 2 December 2019.

3. Please, Mr Postman? When you buy online, you can make your purchase and even have it delivered straight to the intended recipient – no double-handling here. This is especially useful when you’ve left things a little later than you’d hoped - although as a tip, you’ll need to watch out for the Christmas delivery cut-offs from the posties.

4. Know before you go One of the best parts about online shopping is that you can read real-time, real-world reviews of the product you’re about to purchase. With over 12,300 product reviews (and counting!) on the Personalised Favours website, you can rest assured that the rest of the online community has done the digging for you, and can verify the amazing products you’re about to give.

5. Personalised gifts = straight to the heart If you’re stuck on what to buy, rest assured that there’s no better way to show your friends, family and colleagues you care than with a personalised pressie. From pet names to personal jokes, a personalised gift lets your creativity, love and sense of humour shine through. And while personalised presents might seem more costly or time-consuming, rest assured that it really is as quick, budget-friendly and easy as a click of a button. There are hundreds of different options available all in one place on the Personalised Favours website, so whether you need a unique Secret Santa option, a gift for your own Father Christmas, or a pressie for your littlest elves, check out our top 10 personalised Christmas gifts to suit every recipient on your gift list.

6. You can do it over a glass of wine This might seem like a less significant reason to do your Christmas shopping online but trust us: when you’re down to the twenty-third item on your list and you’re running out of patience, a few sips of a Semillon Blanc or chugs of a Cab Sav might be just the thing that gets you through. Know a recipient who loves to grab the grape as much as you? Might we suggest a gift that makes wine time an even more fine time? Just make sure you order one for yourself, too.

Make your Christmas shopping easy: grab everything you need in one place, with a personalised touch View the whole range of personalised Christmas gifts at

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