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Cheeky Birthday Surprises:  bold and bespoke birthday gifts for all your faves

Cheeky Birthday Surprises: bold and bespoke birthday gifts for all your faves

When your BFF’s birthday rolls around this year, don’t get them (yet another) gift card.

Instead, think outside the box with original, customised birthday gifts for all the special people in your life. From party animals to unprepared homemakers, we’ve got the cheeky and charming birthday gifts that’ll have your present-buying wrapped up in no time.

For the friend who is always the first to RSVP to a party

Who doesn’t have a good-time gal or guy in their life? They can always be relied on to agree with your suggestion of a cheeky drink on a school night, and because of them, you’ll usually end up raging ‘til 2am.

For their birthday, picking the right gift is easy – they’ll love a personalised wine, beer or shot glass to indulge in their favourite tipple. But how do you take it one step further?

This Engraved Wine Glass and Shot Glass Set is the perfect idea for a friend who loves to party on any day that ends in a ‘Y’.

Made from premium European glass, each one features a fun inscription that can be perfectly personalised, like “Sarah’s Weekday Glass”. The wine glass holds 360ml of their favourite wine, while the shot glass is perfectly sized for 40ml of their preferred spirit.

With this cheeky birthday set, you can make sure every day is like their birthday – and celebrate with a wine during the week, and party with a shot on the weekends.

engraved birthday shot glass

For the friend with the fabulous (but slightly warped) sense of humour

The Say It with Wine 360ml Engraved Glass is the perfect accessory for a pal who has a penchant for the weird, wacky and downright hilarious.

Crafted from premium European glass, each customised piece is professionally laser engraved with a humorous message of your choice.

Just choose from an extensive range of ‘wine-isms’ – like the popular laser-etched red wine glass that reads “Blood of my enemies (jks It's just red wine)”.

Crude? Maybe. Hilarious? Definitely.

red wine glass engraved

For your play-it-down pal

We all have that low-key friend or loved one who hates being the centre of attention and exclaims they “want NOTHING” for their birthday.

Well, you can give them just that with an engraved 'Jar of Nothing'.

This 400ml empty mason jar comes with a choice of two hilariously engraved messages, and is a fun and funny prankster present… who knows, it might even cause them to crack a smile on their big day!

For the worn-out mum who needs a laugh

Birthdays used to be about margaritas, dancing on tables and kissing strangers. And then you become a mum.

Celebrate the hero mum in your life and help her drink away a long parenting day with the “Tired as a Mother” Engraved Stemless Wine Glass.

For a mum-to-be, it also doubles as a handy water glass (and no doubt, it’ll be filled with the good stuff again in nine months!)

glass for mum

For the not-so-handyman who can’t take a hint

How many odd jobs around the house are just waiting for your husband or partner to get to ‘on a rainy day’?

Give them a bit of motivation with a birthday gift that reminds them of all the work that’s yet to be done.

Each strong, sturdy Engraved Birthday Hammer features a wooden handle that can be engraved with a personalised message on both sides.

It's a bang-on birthday gift, for sure.

engraved birthday hammer

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