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Best & Worst Advice your Mother has ever given you?

Best & Worst Advice your Mother has ever given you?

Mums are often called upon to offer advice and with Mother's Day just around the corner, we decided to celebrate this special occasion with an online facebook competition. To WIN an engraved Mothers Day Hamper, we asked, "What was the best or worst advice your Mother gave you?"

We had a fabulous response and thought we share with you the top 5 Best and Worst advice your Mother as given you:


Never give up. - Nikita Baxter WINNER 2016 of the Engraved Mothers Day Hamper

“After suffering with spinal and brain tumors my whole life she has been my absolute rock! Best advice she has ever given. After being told I would never walk, never have full brain function, she never gave up and I'm now a 21 year old walking, working, qualified government worker. Then my husband and I were told we would never have a family, we never gave up and many years later we are 29 weeks pregnant with a perfectly healthy son! Best words of wisdom we have ever had” Never "expect" things from others, as soon as you have that expectation is when you get hurt, do things purely because you "want" to - Sheryl Fisher

"Never owe anyone anything!" - Kimmi Petty

"Don't get into debt. If you can't afford it now, you don't need it now. - don't let him pay for dinner. - give a favor before asking for one. Learn to laugh at yourself. Mum always said "if you cant laugh or have a sense of humor about things, then what's the point?" - Renae Smart

My mother taught me independence. She was always their to guide me but ever since I was little, she always made me talk to people to get what I want, especially when I was too shy too. I started my own business without any of her help apart from the advice she gave me years ago and now I am able to contact people when I need and am not afraid to ask for what I want. - Shannon Jade Lindsay


"Worst advice was no advice on boys.... Landed me in some trouble!!" - Anita Manuel

Now as an adult with a few relationships under my belt do I understand and can only hope that I can pass on the gift of hindsight to my daughters and son. Just use the dish-soap for a bubble bath... Ummm nope! Turns out it stings your girly bits - Lauren Angel Britton

"Put a drop of rum in the babies bottle to help them sleep" lol - Kimmi Petty

"Let your wind go free, where ever you may be" - Renae Smart

.... Suck it up princess Only to find out 2 weeks later that I had in fact broken my finger Now it's just an ongoing joke every time I injury myself lol - Arielle Louise

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By: Melissa Wilkinson
Melissa is the founder of Personalised Favours. She is commonly sought for comment on all things wedding related and has worked closely with thousands of couples to create invitations, gifts and wedding favours that are truly unique.