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Be the Teacher's Pet with These Great Gift Ideas

Be the Teacher's Pet with These Great Gift Ideas

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They're the patient angels who teach our kids their A-B-Cs and 1-2-3s, put up with their germs and jokes, and generally make a huge difference in their lives. In celebration of World Teachers' Day this Friday 26 October, we've compiled the best gifts for the teacher who is changing your child's world.

  1. A stylish writing piece that says "hand's off!" in the staff room

Writing countless reports and marking endless essays can really take its toll on a teacher's hand (not to mention their ballpoint) - so why not give them something functional, comfortable and beautiful to write with instead? The Christmas Engraved Crystal Pen adds a little sparkle to the thankless everyday tasks faced by teachers, and complete with inbuilt stylus, this clever teacher's gift is the perfect tech-savvy present to pair with a range of devices.

Personalise it with the recipient's name and a thank you message, and you've got the perfect, professional gift your child's teacher will never forget. Our team can work with you to get the font, size and style just right, so they're sure to smile every time they pick it up, even if the essay they're reading is a 'C' at best.

  1. A gift to mark the end of those long, hard teaching days

We don't want to admit that our kids could drive someone to drink, but let's face it: would you want to be stuck in a room for seven hours with 30+ of our little [ahem] angels? Some days, it's probably a miracle that our teachers can keep it all together, so World Teachers' Day is the right time to reward them with a hard-earned "cheers!" and sip of something tasty with their very own Engraved Limited Edition Wine Glass or Engraved Scotch Glass.

Each stunning glass is professionally laser engraved with your selected artwork or custom image, so you've got the personal touch covered, too. If your child's teacher has been really good this year - or if Little Timmy has been particularly bad - you might also want to include some Engraved Wooden Teacher Coasters, or an Engraved Wooden Stained Wine Box with a bottle of something special, to complete the gift pack.

pot planter stick teacher gift

  1. An elegant platter to gorge on high-end treats

Can you really drink a glass of wine without a cheese plate? Well, we're sure you can - but why would you want to? Not everyone's vice is a stiff drink at the end of the day - for many, a creamy camembert or a chunky cheddar is what's needed to unwind after a long day of imparting wisdom to the next generation. Engrave your special message on an Engraved Wooden Cheese Serving Paddle Board, and they're sure to think of your Sally or Sam every time they reach for the Roquefort.

  1. A health-friendly memento that can be used each and every day 

After all that cheese and champagne, your child's teacher may need to take a day, night or month off from the good stuff. Luckily, that doesn't mean the need to miss out: these Engraved 500mL Metal Water Bottle can be custom-designed with your own message, so they're the ideal 'every day' gift while still being perfectly sentimental. Best of all, they can use them on campus - what better way to remind their colleagues that they really are the (unofficial) 'Teacher of the Year' for 2018 ?

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