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Back to school gifts to start their school year off right

Back to school gifts to start their school year off right

After six weeks of fun in the sun, it's time for students across the nation to pull on their shoes (complete with blister blocks and the whitest socks they'll see) and grab their respective uniforms for the start of another school year. Some will run willingly toward the school gates, while others might take a little more convincing.

Whatever way they begin, a customised back to school gift will help to entice and delight them to start their school year off right.

For the ones who lose everything 

We all have one - the child who goes to school with a sun hat (or several) that is never to be seen again. Or the child who manages to mix up their bag on the first day, so you end up with Jemima's lunch box back home, when it should've been Jimmy's. The child who, somehow, in the course of a school day manages to lose items of clothing including socks, sports gear and perhaps even the shirt off their backs - without even really trying. For this child, there is no better back to school gift than an engraved leatherette key ring that can be attached to bags, lunch boxes and more to prevent the inevitable mix ups that just seem to follow this kid. Engraved leatherette luggage tags are also a great option – inscribe names, details and even a personalised design so little Jimmy can pick out his own in any crowd.

For the ones who enjoy learning

As foreign as this concept may seem to some, there are inevitably the kids who love learning. These are the ones who categorise their stationery collection before their return to the classroom and look forward to the first day of each school year with a combination of joy and anticipation. For these children, an engraved wooden pencil box, inscribed with their name, initials, class, personal details or a customised design will be the real winner. They will also undoubtedly appreciate an engraved leatherette bookmark, to keep their place when reading along with the teacher, or attempting a few chapters on their own.

For the cool kids on the block 

If you didn't already know, unicorns are all the rage, and for girls (and boys) between preschool and parenthood, the unicorn is fast becoming the universally accepted symbol of imagination, creativity and cool-kid chic. And the only thing better than a unicorn? An engraved unicorn 500mL metal water bottle with their name on it!

For those who may not be so caught up in the unicorn phenomenon, a 500mL metal water bottle engraved with their name, details or a customised design can still really send their cool factor into overdrive.

For the ones who teach them

As you prepare Jimmy and Jemima for the beginning of another school year, spare a thought for those who are also preparing to return to the trenches, to shape the bright young minds of our future generations. That's right, our teachers. Who we entrust the care and instruction of our children for the best part of the year ahead. And while it's customary to purchase your teacher a gift at the end of the year to say thank you for all that has gone before, consider also starting on the right foot with a gesture of appreciation for the year to come. Help brighten both their day and their classroom with an engraved teacher clear acrylic planter stick together with your choice of greenery, or fill their caffeine quote with an engraved teacher coffee mug for display on their desk throughout the day.

For the real teacher's pet, there is the teacher appreciation printed acrylic plaque and we've often heard the firm favourite is the Limited Edition engraved teacher wine glass - helping educators unwind after teaching your little darlings five days per week throughout the year.

Start your school year off right

Start your school year off right with customised back to school gifts to suit everyone embarking on another year of education. For personalised products and gifts for every special occasion visit

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