Testing and tagging is essential for ensuring the electrical appliances used in daily life are safe, wrote Acuara’s Louis Biller.

Why do you need to test and tag?

Regular testing will identify emerging risks caused by wear and tear and help prevent electrocution or fires. A lone faulty wire is capable of burning down an entire building and taking lives if left unattended. Have your electrical devices tested by a competent person, such as someone who has done a short course, or a qualified electrician.


How often do you need it?

The frequency of testing will vary depending on the equipment being inspected and the degree of stress it is placed under.

Appliances used in hot, dirty or high vibration environments are likely to fail more quickly. After testing, the items should be tagged with a report that outlines the outcome of the test and when the next test will occur.

Who do you need?

Choose an electrician who has experience with the type of inspection being carried out. Make sure they licensed, insured and able to provide certification of their work in a timely manner.