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A sense of adventure: personalise your Father’s Day experience

A sense of adventure: personalise your Father' Day experience

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Dads help us with so many things in our lives. From teaching us to catch a ball and learning to ride a bike when we’re young, to guiding us through the ups and downs of life and helping to shape us into the person we become.

It's not often we stop and say thank you to dad for everything he has done for us. Father’s Day gives us that opportunity.

So this year, harness your sense of adventure and give dad something truly memorable by personalising his Father’s Day experience to show him just how much he means to you. It can be your way of saying ‘Thanks Dad – for everything!’

Adventuring together

Better than a pair of socks or a last-minute box of chocolates from the Servo, do something with dad this Father’s Day. It doesn’t have to be extravagant, expensive or too much trouble, but spending quality time with your old man is sometimes the best gift you can give.

Think about what his interests are and what he enjoys – and build your quality time together around that. It can be as simple as going to the movies, taking him out for lunch, going on a bushwalk or packing a picnic and heading somewhere you’ve never been before.

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Enhance your experience

Make your Father’s Day experience even more memorable by throwing in a few personal touches.

Going for a hike? Pack an Engraved 500ml Metal Father’s Day Water Bottle, customised with his name or other personal details.

Or take him for a spin in a luxury set of wheels and throw in an Engraved Leatherette Father’s Day Key Ring that makes him feel like a million bucks.

If you’re keeping it really low-key, meet him for a schooner and present him his very own Engraved 470ml Beer Can Glass with his name, a funny slogan or special message etched on the front, so he can keep it forever and think of you every time he enjoys his favourite ale.

And if you’re going all out, spoil him on that picnic with a personalised Beef Jerky Father’s Day Hamper. Seriously, what more could he want?!

The point is, including personal touches in whatever you do, will show dad how much you care and how much he means to you.

beef jerky hamper

Creating new memories

You know when you get together with family and you all seem to end up reminiscing about the ‘good old days?’ Reliving past memories throughout your lives that have gone on to become family folklore and legends to be passed onto future generations?

Well, now It's time to create some new memories. Organisations like Red Balloon offer experiences that can be tailored to whatever your dad is into and you can do together. From whale watching to water skiing, skydiving to sipping on a Shiraz at his favourite winery, there are SO MANY THINGS you and Dad can do together.

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Personalise your Father’s Day experience

Make this Father’s Day one to remember by shopping the full Personalised Favours Father's Day range.

Happy Father’s Day!

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