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5 wedding gift ideas for the bride & groom who have everything

5 wedding gift ideas for the bride & groom who have everything

You've been invited to the wedding of the couple that has it all. Successful in both love and life: they are financially astute, have already taken a sizeable chunk out of the mortgage for their tastefully furnished abode, are escalating upward on their respective career ladders, not to mention being irritatingly gorgeous and crazy about each other. Sigh. So the question is; what do you get the bride and groom who already have everything?

Make it personal

This couple is clearly not going to settle for your standard run-of-the-mill wedding gift. Chances are they probably already have it anyway. So before you thoughtlessly toss some cash in a card (they don't need your money), or hand over the standard DJ's voucher, why not purchase something truly unique that is guaranteed not to go straight in the garbage or get shoved onto the re-gift pile?

To achieve these heights of wedding-gift-giving-greatness, you need to get both personal and practical. We're talking gifts that will be used for years to come which feature distinct details about the individual couple and their picture-perfect nuptials.

Sentimental and practical: the perfect combination

Personalised Favours offers a bespoke range of custom-designed, distinctive wedding gifts to cater for every kind of couple - even those who already have everything. Using high-quality laser engraving, each and every product can be personalised to feature individual couple and event details to produce a gift that is the perfect combination of sentimentality and practicality. Think about what really floats this couple's boat and we have some great gift ideas to satisfy them all:

wooden deluxe chopping board

  1. For the couple who love to cook

Complement their culinary skills with personalised kitchenware including deluxe serving boards featuring your own engraved message or an individualised crystal-stemmed cake serving set.

  1. For the couple who love to drink

    When a crisp chardonnay or a smooth shiraz is their favourite way to pass the time, an engraved rosewood-stained wine box is the ideal gift. This impressive satin-lined case also houses a complete wine tools set including: an aerator, waiter's corkscrew, cork saver, and wine stopper to make sure they have everything they need to enjoy a good drop.
  1. For the couple who love to work

If the couple in question is unlikely to spend much time at home appreciating their wedding gifts, simply give them a gift they can take to the office. A personalised paperweight in premium glass, cut in the shape of a classic diamond solitaire and engraved with the names of the bride and groom, the wedding date, and your choice of custom graphic makes an ideal wedding gift that will be useful wherever they may be.

engraved stained wine box

  1. For the couple who love expensive jewellery

House the items closest to their hearts in a beautifully crafted Tasmanian Oak wooden ring box. Lined with black velvet and featuring an antique bronze latch and hinges, each box is hand-made and sanded to create an exceptionally personal piece. Further customise the gift with names or a special message for the happy couple.

  1. For the couple who love a laugh

We're also assuming they appreciate The Eurythmics (who doesn't?!) with a fun and funky limited edition engraved wooden serving board that features a humorous, cheesy take on the Sweet Dreams classic. 

A perfect gift for the perfect couple

So don't sweat the gift giving for the bride and groom who have everything. Make it personal with a customised gift that suits their individual needs from After all, you are the perfect wedding guest!