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Santa's Magic Key

5 Ways to Make Christmas Magical for Kids

Do you remember the way Christmas felt when you were a kid? The anticipation and pure excitement in the air, along with all of those special traditions that were so unique to your family?
While we all love the opportunity to pick the perfect present for our kids, it’s clear that the real spirit of Christmas really lives in their little imaginations. 

Creating these magical moments needn’t be complicated or costly, so we’ve come up with the top five ways to make your family’s festive season the most magical one yet.

  1. The countdown is on!

    “Muuuum, how many sleeps ‘til Christmas?”
Let’s be honest… we all get a little sick of hearing it hour after hour, but never fear, because we’ve got a simple, easy solution.

Get your kids to count down the days until Christmas with their very own Personalised Canvas Advent Christmas Calendar: a beautiful keepsake that can be used year after year.
Made from cotton canvas and featuring 25 pockets, it comes fully constructed and ready to house your sweet treats, special notes or treasured trinkets.

Personalised Canvas Advent Christmas Calendar

Featuring your child’s name and decorated with festive illustrations, pom poms and glitter embellishments, it’s the perfect way to pass the time and make the countdown to Christmas an enjoyable experience for everyone.

  1. A night before to remember.
While there’s a lot of joy to be had on Christmas Day, we think “the night before Christmas” has the potential to be just as magical.

So many traditions already take place on Christmas Eve, like leaving out tasty carrots for the reindeer, and cookies and milk (…or beer!) for the big man. 

Revel in this anticipation for just a little longer by surprising your kids with our Engraved Christmas Wooden Box, which you can fill with special gifts like small toys, books or new pyjamas.

Engraved Christmas Day Wooden Box

Handmade from beautiful birch wood and featuring a gold latch and hinges, it comes personalised with your child's name, and is designed to be used and reused every Christmas Eve.

  1. No chimney? No problem.
Hands up if your child has ever asked you the curliest of festive questions: just how does Santa get inside on Christmas night?

Because most of us no longer have a chimney in our own home, Santa's only access will be through the front door – so he’ll need a magic key to leave those all-important presents behind!
This Magic Key with Engraved Wooden Tag features an engraved tag with your children’s names on it. Topped off with a candy cane-striped ribbon, it’s a timeless keepsake that’ll help you to maintain their sense of wonder for longer.

Santa’s Magic Key with Engraved Wooden Tag

Not to mention it’ll help to solve that age-old mystery of how Santa gets all his loot inside!

  1. Tiptoe, tiptoe… he’s a very sneaky Santa!
Once Santa has successfully used his Magic Key to enter your abode, these Laser Cut Frosted Acrylic Santa Footprint Stencils are another simple way for you to boost the magic of Christmas morning.

Laser Cut Frosted Acrylic Santa Footprint Stencil Set

Use them to mark his entry and exit points or have him wind his footsteps through the house as a path for the kids to follow.

Professionally laser cut from 3mm scratch-resistant frosted acrylic, each set includes Christmas-inspired cut-outs to add to the festive feel.

Trust us: as a parent, the resulting gasps of shock and awe will be better than any Christmas present you’re likely to get under the tree!

  1. The jolly fellow has got it all wrapped up
Given how many homes he’s got to visit in one night, Santa must be a very organised guy, and you can help him deliver his presents in a neat and orderly manner with this Printed Calico Christmas Santa Sack.

Printed Calico Christmas Santa Sack with Drawstring

Made from durable calico, it has a drawstring closure and comes with your child’s name featured on the front.

Best of all, it even features Santa’s strict instructions not to open before 25 December, so even if a little elf does peer under the tree before morning, you know there’ll be no peeking!

5 Ways to Make Christmas Magical for Kids

So, there you have it. The top five ways to spread a little extra joy this holiday season and create a truly magical Christmas for every member of the family.

In the meantime, if you’re looking for the perfect Christmas present for your teacherskids, pets or Secret Santas, we’ve got you covered with our range of personalised Christmas presents to suit everybody on your gift list.

Wishing you and yours a truly magical Christmas,
Team PF. X

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