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5 ways to decide the best month to get married

5 ways to decide the best month to get married

Like most aspects of your wedding day, choosing the right month to get married comes down to your individual personality, desired theme and preferences as a couple. According to Business Insider, March is the busiest month for couples to tie the knot down under, closely followed by November. Choosing the best month to get married depends on a number of individual factors. Here we share with you our top five tips for timing it right.

1. Is the price right?

When planning a wedding, do your research about when is considered 'peak season' for different destinations. As a general rule, spring through to autumn is peak wedding season, with the exclusion of mid-summer due to extreme temperatures in certain areas. Planning a wedding in the off-season (July being the quietest month for weddings in Australia), may help to reduce your costs and give you free range on venues that may be booked during more popular times.

2. What are the restrictions on destination?

The timing of a destination wedding is a crucial element. You don't want to plan a Whitsundays wedding only to discover your guests are unable to enter the water on their island getaway due to the fact it's stinger season. Ok, extreme example but you get our drift! Make sure you know what you're in for at different locations for every season of the year.

3. What does your wedding vision look like?

If your wedding-day vision conjures up balmy beach attire or an abundance of rustic fresh flowers, keeping costs low with a winter wedding may not be your ideal. If you are set on having your ceremony outdoors, look into what months have the least likelihood of rainfall and plan accordingly. Although it's important to remember it's never a guarantee! Our point is; think about what colour schemes, wedding styles, elements, and attire is important to you and make sure this suits your season.

4. Important dates: clash or convenience?

When selecting the prime time to tie the knot, consider other important dates that may be on or close to this day. Do you want to coincide with the anniversary of your first meeting, first kiss, or the day you truly knew this was 'the one?' Some couples like to double the celebrations by holding their nuptials on birthdays (hey, it helps with remembering dates right?) or other special occasions. But beware of holidays and celebrations such as Christmas and Easter that can send costs skyrocketing. 

5. What other elements impact on your timing?

Other aspects of your wedding can influence the timing. Is your dream dress going to take six months to sew, even though you want to get married in three? Do you need to give friends and relatives time to save to enjoy your nuptials on the Italian Riviera, despite the fact that you want to rush down the aisle right now? Is your ultimate location already booked when you were planning on making it official?

The secret, of course, to all of these pre-wedding dilemmas is compromise. Find the timing that works for you and is also practical, affordable, and doable. Once you've selected the best month to get married, find all the details to make your wedding day perfect at