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5 Biggest Trending Birthday Gifts of 2021

5 Biggest Trending Birthday Gifts of 2021

Somehow, It's already May and you’re sure to have loved one’s birthdays coming up.

Soon you will have to start the scramble to find the perfect gift. It may be true that It's really the thought that counts but you don’t want to waste your time and money on something they won’t use or enjoy.

So, read on to find out the top five biggest birthday gift trends of 2021 that focus on making gifting easier for you, more meaningful for the recipient and better for the planet.

Buying the perfect gift: where to start

A good place to start is by thinking about your favourite people’s interests and what they value. Do they love going out for a nice meal? Do they collect anything? Are they into a particular hobby?

Whether they are the person who seems to have everything, the one with really specific interests you don’t know what to buy for, or you’ve just run out of gift ideas and want to get them something different this birthday, we’ve got you covered.

1. Experiences
Engraved Birthday Bamboo Picnic Table with Engraved Wine Glasses

It's becoming more and more common to gift experiences, such as a meal at a favourite café, a voucher to get pampered or an outing like a birthday picnic, instead of physical presents.

Besides being a meaningful and fun way to spoil someone for their birthday, gifting an experience can be easier and save you time searching for the perfect gift, especially for someone who is hard to buy for.

Enhance your experience with something that will be both treasured and useful such as an engraved birthday bamboo picnic table.

2. Eco-friendly gifts
Engraved Cork Band Reusable Glass Coffee Keep Cup

Maybe you, or someone you’re buying a birthday gift for, is trying to shop more consciously and live more sustainably? Either way, eco-friendly gifts make amazing presents.

With zero purchase guilt, opting for an eco-friendly gift is the more thoughtful way to go.

We’re lucky that there now seems to be an eco-alternative to everything from leather-look handbags made from fruit peels to reusable coffee pods, toothpaste tablets and the classic reusable cups and water bottles. Our sustainable coffee keep cup is always a winner.

Any gift can always be made more eco-friendly by wrapping it in 100 percent paper wrapping or a nice piece of fabric that the lucky recipient can reuse themselves.

3. Personalised gifts
Engraved Round Cheese Knife Set

We may be biased, but we know personalised gifts make the best presents, and it seems we’re not alone, with custom gifting increasingly becoming a trend for all occasions including birthdays.

Personalised gifts make the ideal birthday presents because:

• You can spend less time shopping and give more meaningful gifts by choosing an item and customising it into something your special someone will love.
• They make thoughtful gifts that show you care and put effort into creating the gift just for them.
• You can create an experience around the gift, making it even more special by turning it into a treasured souvenir.
• You will never have to put cash in a card or risk buying something they’ll want to return again.

If you like the sound of this here are some of our best-selling personalised birthday gifts to give you some ideas:

- Engraved Round Cheese Set Birthday Gift
- Engraved Deluxe Acacia Wood Rectangle 50cm Serving Board

4. Sentimental gifts
Engraved Paddle Board Cheese Knife Set

Sentimental gifts are all about celebrating your connection with someone and showing them how much they mean to you.

This could be a gift centred around a memory you have together such as a framed photo, or something that shows how well you know them such as a subscription to their favourite magazine or a gift personalised just for them ????

Our most popular personalised sentimental birthday gifts include: 

- Engraved Paddle Board and Cheese Knife Set
- Engraved Birthday White Wood Wick Soy Candle with Wooden Lid

5. Adventure gifts
650ml Metal Water Bottle with Wooden Lid

For the people in your life who are active, adrenaline junkies, or want to try something new, an adventure experience makes an exciting and memorable birthday gift.

Similar to the trend of gifting experiences, but on a more daring level, adventure gifts can be anything from a horseback trail ride, quad bike excursion, bungy jumping, sky diving, weekend hiking trip or hiring a boat for the day.

Start by searching to see what adventure experiences are available near you that your loved one would enjoy.

If they’re already doing something daring for their birthday, or have an adventure hobby, you could get them some much needed gear like our personalised 650ml water bottle to keep them hydrated.

For more thoughtful, original and distinctive gift ideas for birthdays, and every occasion, head to

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