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4 Top Tips for Picking the Perfect Wedding Dress

4 Top Tips for Picking the Perfect Wedding Dress

Just like finding the perfect partner, finding the perfect wedding dress can sometimes take a little time, and for some brides can prove a major source of stress before their big day. We offer the following four top tips for picking the perfect wedding dress, to help take the strain out of shopping and put the fun back into fittings. 


1. Dress for your silhouette

While it's tempting to follow what's on trend in wedding couture, brides come in all shapes, sizes and styles and it's important to find a dress that suits your individual silhouette and personality, instead of just what's in this wedding season. Finding a dress that works for you and is indicative of your own individuality will help make you feel comfortable and confident, and that's what makes every bride beautiful.

2. Dress for your budget

While you may have found the perfect gown that fits, flatters and suits your style, you need to consider if the price tag is a realistic to your wedding budget. Blowing out the budget on the Cinderella fantasy is an unnecessary source of worry in the lead up to your wedding. It's important to remember that many designer dresses can be replicated for a fraction of the price. So if you've settled on a design you love, shop around and see where you can save.


3. Dress for those you trust

While you don't want a cast of thousands traipsing around as you try on potential wedding gowns, taking a couple of friends or family member's whose opinions you trust can assist when it comes to making the big decision. Get your friends to take a few photos of you in different dress options so you can reflect on your options post-fitting. And try on as many different dresses as possible, because what looks like it wouldn't fly on the hanger could be the dress of your dreams.


4. Dress for success

Knowing the location and style of your wedding ceremony and celebrations will help to narrow down your options and help alleviate wedding dress woes. Getting married on a cliff top overlooking the ocean? Let's not go with anything too gusty. Feeling the sand between your toes on the beach? The double train is probably out. Planning a traditional ceremony with all the trimmings? The simple shift or short skirt is possibly going to look out of place. Our point; dressing to suit the style of wedding you have planned is only going to elevate your comfort factor on the day and help make your dress a success.


A perfect match

So just like finding the perfect partner, finding the perfect wedding dress can sometimes take a little time, but when you find the one that is a perfect match for your personality, style and sense of humour, you know you've got a keeper. To ensure all the details for your big day are a perfect match, visit: