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12 Biggest Spring Wedding Trends for 2019

12 Biggest Spring Wedding Trends for 2019

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Spring has sprung! And with it comes an abundance of love, hope and happiness in the air – not to mention It's still one of the most popular times for weddings, engagements and nuptial celebrations of every kind.

For anyone contemplating a spring wedding now or in the future, we go behind the scenes to share with you twelve of the most sought-after spring wedding trends for 2019 and beyond!

1. Rustic accents

Vintage elements continue to be a popular choice for spring brides this season, but instead of a full-scale vintage celebration, less is more when it comes to rustic accents. Couples are opting for rustic details such as bombonniere and place cards – with cork making a comeback.

2. Circular details

Inspired by the endless loop of eternal love, couples are opting for circular wedding details to highlight their eternal union. From round floral arbours and circular signage as ceremonial backdrops to invitations and even menus, round is all the rage this spring.

3. Quirky cakes

Anything goes on the wedding cake front this spring – from pancake stacks to donut delights – you’re only limited by your imagination when it comes to your wedding dessert. Personalise your quirky wedding cake with a customised cake topper to reflect your individual style.

Wedding Cake

4. Rose gold stationery

The rose gold trend shows no signs of slowing down, with bold rose gold wedding details a frontrunner this spring. Rose gold perfectly complements any luxe look and is also being used to mix and match rustic style vibes. From stationery to décor details, rose gold is a must-have colour match.

5. Women at the forefront

This spring, you’ll see women ditching traditional wedding roles more than ever before and creating new wedding traditions that honour the strong, confident female form. From mums walking brides down the aisle, to female-led wedding speeches, girl power dominates this nuptial scene.

6. Personalised elements

Couples are increasingly looking for ways to personalise their wedding experience. Intimate details and personal touches are helping to make weddings more personal than ever before, with celebrations designed to honour the unique identity of every couple.

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7. Luxe looks

The wedding season there is a big focus on luxe, deluxe and luxury details. Celebrate decadence and opulence … but stick to your wedding budget, with statement pieces such as engraved black marble coasters with gold infill or deluxe favour jars filled with decadent delights.

8. Original vows

Staying off beaten track is the general theme of the season, with couples again highlighting their individuality with never-heard-before, original wedding vows that showcase their original spirit and unique union.

9. Mood lighting

Couples are getting creative with lighting displays, and romantic candle-lit wedding celebrations are a growing trend. Scatter your celebrations with vintage candle favours or modern votives that can double as a place card and wedding favour.

10. Interactive food displays

Eating is no longer a stationary experience for wedding goers. From dessert bars to paella demonstrations, wedding food is getting shaken up and again, anything goes! Serve it up in style with a personalised serving set for an extra special touch. 

11. Customised tags

Get personal with customised tags for glassware, favours and place cards during your nuptial celebrations. Adhering to the individual wedding themed mantra for Spring 2019, personalised tags can be designed to feature individual guest names, dates and other special details and make a great take home memento for your guests.


12. Engraved glassware

And last but by no means least, we see engraved glassware making it to the top dozen wedding trends this spring. Whether you’re after bridal party gifts, deluxe guest bombonierre or a special set for the bride and groom, customised engraved glassware takes your wedding to a whole new level – one where you set the trend from here on in.

Personalised details for every wedding

Whether you’re a trendsetter or a classic bride, you can find every customised detail to make your wedding one-of-a-kind at

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