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10 wedding ideas for the style-obsessed bride

10 wedding ideas for the style-obsessed bride

We all know one. Or maybe you are one? The bride who is known for her style and fashion-forwardness and her wedding is no exception. If this sounds like you, or someone you know, we take a look at ten wedding ideas that will help keep the style-obsessed bride ahead of her game.

  1. Metallic palettes Your wedding is your time to shine. And shine you will with metallic colour schemes featuring silver, gold and gunmetal hues that add sparkle and sophistication to your celebrations.
  2. Casual chic Many couples are ditching the rigid formalities of a traditional affair for a more casual, fluid event that encourages guests to relax and enjoy. This includes rustic seating arrangements for the ceremony from hay bales to milk crates to wooden pallets. Informal dining options are also being encouraged, with open smorgasbords and alternative food selections available throughout the reception.

  3. 2-in-1 dresses Brides can appreciate that while the elaborate detail of their wedding gown may be a stunner for the ceremony, this may not translate well to the subsequent celebrations. Designers are aware of these impracticalities and transformative dresses that allow you to ditch or adjust certain elements of your dress are becoming increasingly popular to see you through your entire celebrations.

  4. Customised celebrations Your wedding tells your story - the special tale of your coupledom that is unique to you alone. This means complete customisation of every detail of your big day.

  5. Mix and match bridesmaids Bridesmaids breathe a collective sigh of relief as gone are the days of the one-size-fits-all approach for bridesmaids dresses. The latest in bridesmaid couture is mix-and-match patterns, florals and colours, with generous brides allowing the women by their side to select a gown they each feel comfortable and fabulous in.

  6. Farm-to-table fare Local options are all the rage when it comes to wedding food selection. Couples are respecting the region or locality in which their nuptials are taking place and sourcing fresh, seasonal fare to serve at their event. Featuring specialty local produce is also a winner.

  7. Monograms R Us As we mentioned earlier, your wedding day is all about  you.

  8. Games for guests Weddings are fun. Don't have your guests standing around, draining the bar dry while you have your photos taken - give them some games to play. From botchee to croquet, table tennis to racquet ball, engaging your guests in activities throughout the event is a good way to keep them amused and stopping your celebrations from stagnating. If your location allows, you could even provide monogrammed golf balls for some driving range or putt putt practice.

  9. DIY flowers Got someone creative in your bridal party? Or on your wedding guest list? Save money and help to create an authentic event with DIY flowers featuring at your celebrations. From the bouquets to the table decorations, arbours to corsages - DIY wedding flowers helps create beautiful event details that are also kind to your wedding budget.

  10. Gorgeous grooms We know, we know, every groom is gorgeous! But these days the guys are styling up just as much as the girls; incorporating velvet and suede fabrics, pastel tones and floral details into their ensemble. If your man needs a little help in this department and you still want to be surprised, choose a bridesmaid you trust to take him shopping!


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