How to self-isolate like a boss

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‘Self-isolation’ is a term we all should be very familiar with now and so much so that it’s etched into our brains.

While many of us are still required to travel into work, the other half of us are adjusting to working from home. Our pre-virus perception of this turns our isn’t as fantastic as we imagined and we never thought that our hands would consume more alcohol than our mouths.

You’re trying to have a Zoom meeting but have toddlers running around destroying your clean house, maybe your husband accidently walks past eating breakfast in his undies or you are so worried about being judged on your home styling choices. Ugh, it’s no walk in the park (parks are closed now, sorry ☹)

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It’s important to try and keep a routine like any other work day. Don’t eat all your snacks, drink plenty of water and take regular breaks (not to the fridge!) and do at least half an hour of exercise daily. Maybe chuck on a load of washing if you’re on a roll.

It’s not all doom and gloom when you have little personalised goodies that make your life easier and a little happier.

Here are our top picks for surviving working from home and self-isolation:

  1. Engraved "Isolation Workout" Matte Black Wine Sipper

Combine your love of fitness and wine with our sleek and stylish wine sipper. 

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2. Don't Touch My Pen - Engraved Designer Pen

It's time to invent an imagenary colleague to blame things on. Pen goes missing? Blame Brenda from accounting.

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3. Likes to Swear Coffee Mug

The only mug you need! There's no better time than now to show your true colours and work persona. 

likes to swear coffee mug

On a more serious note, the impacts of COVID-19 have been nothing short of devastating and life changing for everyone around the globe. More than ever, we need to protect what is most important to us and that is our health and the health and safety of your family and loved ones.

We are going to feel the effects of this outbreak personally and globally for a very long time and it will take significant time to repair parts of our lives.

Our custom printed Pram Tag adds another layer of protection for when you have to make a necessary trip out. Most people are respectful of newborns and are aware of germ risk.

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One of the big challenges’ parents are facing is how to keep their kids entertained. One moment they are enjoying drawing over your walls and the next minute they are rubbing peanut butter into your carpet.

That’s why we designed a couple of printable colouring posters to keep those blessings busy.

Simply download below and may it bring you an hour of peace.

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Don’t forget that there’s still time to order anything from our Easter range!

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